Quality and Freshness

Quality and Freshness

Success is preceded by:
Correct choice of micro climatological zones
Our company produces in different geographical areas of southern Spain, having most of its production in Cuevas del Almanzora, (Desert of Almería), being the area with less humidity and more solar time in Spain, ideal climate for products of leaf such as Spinach and Baby Leaf.
Innovation and development
The correct choice of the seed variety, crop rotations and the most innovative and pioneering production techniques, together with the use of the most advanced design machinery and proprietary technology and continuous seed testing fields acquiring varieties exclusively for our own production lead us to be leaders in quality.

Villa test Campos Cuevas del Almanzora.

Vacuum Cooler

Fast loading and integration into the cold chain.
It is a rigorous methodology that the collecting products are automatically loaded into refrigerated trucks and transported urgently to the cold center, keeping the cold chain at a temperature of 2ºC throughout the procedure until they are delivered to the final customer.

Adequate equipment and facilities
All our harvesters have bouncing belts and wide grids that select the product while it is being harvested. Avoiding the presence of foreign bodies.
In case of risk, we have the highest technology in optical product selection. More information
We have 2 vacuum coolers and 2 independent cold rooms, a controlled humidity cold zone and a dry cold zone.
Likewise, we are a LAME dispatch warehouse, an Authorized Local for Export Merchandise that allows the export of products to third countries, placing the goods at the disposal of customs control in OUR OWN FACILITIES. LAME saves time in the management of export procedures and speeds up our shipments to third countries.
Pre-harvest and post-harvest quality contr
The technical team of the quality department carries out pre-harvest tests that confirm the quality before harvesting it, once they are harvested and before being loaded into the refrigerated trucks for their final destination, they are finally inspected to confirm that they comply with the maxims of quality.



We supply our clients regularly and constantly.


We provide our customers with healthy products without pesticide residues.


We are leaders in quality thanks to the correct choice of seed variety, crop rotation and the most innovative and pioneering production techniques


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